InterPlanetary Consensus
@ ETHDenver

23 Feb - 3 Mar, 2024

Heading to ETHDenver or BUIDL Week? Join us to discover the latest innovation from Protocol Labs: IPC - a revolutionary blockchain technology that brings planetary-scale performance for the first time to web3.


Alejandro Ranchal-Pedrosa
Research Scientist
Aysun Demircan
FVM Lead
Juan Benet
Longfei Wang
Dev Advocate
Marko Vukolic
ConsensusLab Lead
Matt Hamilton
Principal Dev Advocate
Raul Kripalani
Principal Engineer
Sarah Thiam
Dev Advocate

A new era of web3 scaling and flexibility for builders

InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) is a transformative blockchain architecture that enables planetary-scale performance by introducing the innovative concept of blockchains within blockchains. This pioneering approach creates infinitely scalable networks, forming dynamic tree networks of recursive blockchains, or "subnets."

IPC's mission is to bridge the performance and usability gap between Web2 and Web3, powering a decentralized planetary-scale economy with unmatched speed and functionality comparable to centralized systems.

To learn more about IPC, head to


ETHDenver, 23 Feb 16:00, #BUIDLHUB - Submarine Stage
Decentralized AGI Summit, 26 Feb 16:40, 2800 Walnut St
Appchain Day, 27 Feb 10:30, Upper Larimer
EduDAO Builders VIP, 27 Feb 10:00, Left Hand RiNo
EduDAO Builders VIP, 27 Feb 10:30, Left Hand RiNo
Pragma Denver, 28 Feb 14:40, The Arch
The Pit Hacker House by Encode, 28 Feb, The Pit
ETHDenver Filecoin Foundation Booth, 29 Feb 13:30, Devtopia - Booth 204
ETHDenver Filecoin Foundation Booth, 29 Feb 16:30, Devtopia - Booth 204
Filecoin Dev Summit, 29 Feb 14:00, The Slate
BASS EthDenver, 1 Mar 09:40, Location TBD
Proof of Data Summit, 1 Mar 13:00, Denver Art Museum
ETHDenver Filecoin Foundation Booth, 1 Mar 15:30, Devtopia - Booth 204
Filecoin Orbit Meetup, 1 Mar 17:30, CSU Spur Denver
ETHDenver Filecoin Foundation Booth, 2 Mar 16:30, Devtopia - Booth 204
ETHDenver, 2 Mar 11:15, Spork Castle - Seamount Stage
ETHDenver, 2 Mar, Spork Castle

Join the IPC Early Builders Program

The IPC team wants to build with leading web2 and web3 builders who are seeking a truly scalable blockchain framework that goes beyond the current industry L2 approach.
Apply here